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Before contacting us, read the answers to most frequently asked questions!

Buying tickets

Buying tickets on AleBilet doesn't differ from buying tickets on other platforms, it consists of the following steps:

  1. You search for tickets for the event you are interested in.
  2. You make a purchase and choose preferred delivery option. Available forms are priority registered letter, courier, personal pickup before the event (paper tickets) or sending by e-mail (electronic tickets).
  3. You wait for ticket delivery.

AleBilet guarantees you the authenticity of the tickets and their delivery on time. It is possible thanks to the procedures we apply:

  1. We monitor if the Seller sends tickets timely.
  2. We work with the best courier companies in Poland.
  3. Payments are sent to the Seller's account after the event.

If you don't receive tickets up to 3 days before the event, please write to us at If the Seller fails to deliver the tickets, we will do everything to provide replacement tickets at a similar price. Only in very exceptional cases, if this would not be possible, we will refund the full amount paid.

The ordered tickets will be delivered until one week before the event. Often, the delivery will be much earlier, but in many cases the organizers delay generating and sending tickets. We always guarantee that you will receive tickets on time befor the event. Until a package is sent, you can change the delivery address by contacting us at

If you choose the offer marked „Express shipping” tickets will be sent until 2 business days after placing the order.

For courier delivery, you will receive an email from us with a tracking number and estimated delivery date. For post delivery you will receive a message with the registered letter number.

In the case of electronic tickets their "Immediate download" is also available, tickets as PDF files will be available for download as soon as the payment is confirmed.

The ticket price is determined by the Seller. To this price an order fee of 15% of the ticket price is added, which will allow us to cover the transaction and servis maintenance costs, as well as the delivery fee (9 PLN for registered letter, 19.90 PLN for courier delivery throughout Poland).

AleBilet is a ticket resale service - these are secondary tickets, i.e. from people who bought them from an official ticket distributor, but don't want / cannot go to the event. These people put up tickets on sale on our website setting the price themsevles at which they want to sell them. Very often these are tickets for events already sold out, hence the possible differences in the prices of analogous tickets.

Yes, each advertisement consists of tickets for adjacent seats.

Personal pickup of tickets before the event is only allowed for our regular Sellers who are known, verified and fully reliable. When buying tickets with personal pickup before the event, you receive an email from us with instructions and the phone number of the Seller. You should contact him to arrange the pickup of tickets on the day of the event in a specific place in front of the club/stadium (place where the event takes place). We guarantee that it is a secure way of picking up tickets.

Yes, in such a situation you will receive an email from us with detailed information on how to apply for a refund. Buyers are entitled to a refund of the cost of tickets and the cost of delivery, if delivery service hasn't been provided yet. In case of paper tickets, you may need to return the tickets to the Seller in order to receive a refund.

No, it is not possible to cancel the transaction. If you want to resign from purchased tickets, you can only resell them on the AleBilet platform.

Selling tickets

The sale of tickets on AleBilet consists of the following steps:

  1. You put up tickets for sale on In the form, you provide the ticket details, enter your price, address from where the tickets can be picked up and the account number to which you will receive payment.
  2. When your tickets are sold, you'll receive an email notification with instructions how to send them to the Buyer. Available forms are priority registered letter or courier, the choice is made by the Buyer.
  3. Within 5 business days after the event, we will transfer the full declared amount for the tickets sold to the account you provided. This procedure is intended to guarantee the safety of transaction for buyers and sellers. Sellers can be sure that their tickets have been paid - it is required to the order delivery. The buyer has the opportunity to make a complaint in justified cases.

The ticket price should be attractive to Buyers. The lower the price, the faster you will be albe to sell the tickets. The final price for the Buyer will be increased by shipping costs and an order fee of 15%. You will receive a transfer in the amount of the full declared sale price for tickets sold, AleBilet doesn't charge the Sellers with any commission.

Immediately after selling the tickets, we will send you an email informing you how to send them.

  1. If the Buyer has chosen priority registered letter delivery option, you must send the tickets at the post office as soon as possible by registered letter to the address of the Buyer. After sending the tickets, log in to your account, go to My Account -> Sold tickets, select the tickets you sent and enter the registered letter number. Thanks to this, you will receive a delivery cost refund of 9 PLN.
  2. If the Buyer has chosen the courier delivery option, log in to your account, go to My Account -> Tickets sold and select the date of receipt of the tickets by courier. Then click the "Open waybill for printing" and "Open print delivery protocol" buttons and print these documents. Prepare the tickets for sending by putting them in an envelope, which you will give along with the printed waybill and the delivery protocol to the courier.

No. If the shipment is carried out via a courier company, AleBilet deals with all the fees. If you send tickets by priority registered letter and enter the number of this letter (My account -> Tickets sold), we will refund you the cost of 9 PLN together with payment for the tickets sold.

If you resign from selling tickets on AleBilet, log in to your account, go to My Account -> Tickets sold and press the "Withdraw" button. The advertisement will be removed from AleBilet. Remember, however, that the advertisement can be withdrawn only when it is active, i.e. until no one has bought the ticket.

No, listing tickets on AleBilet is free. We don’t charge the Seller with any commission – the Sellers receive from us the full declared amount for the tickets sold. In addition, Sellers may withdraw their offer free of charge until the tickets are sold.

No, you cannot withdraw from an already concluded transaction. Otherwise, you would be charged the additional cost of finding replacement tickets for the buyer.

In such a situation, the Buyer has the right to return tickets. If he uses it, the tickets will be sent back to the Seller within a time limit enabling him to return the tickets at the point of purchase.

Fill out the event application form or write us an e-mail at with a request to add the event (name, place, date) and we will place it on AleBilet as soon as possible.

This is one of our security procedures at AleBilet. The transfer of receivables to the Seller up to 5 days after the event is intended to guarantee the receipt of valid tickets entitling the Buyer to enter the event. However, no worries, the Buyer makes payment already at the time of placing the order, so there is no fear that he will withdraw from the transaction or that the money will not be sent to the Seller within the specified time.

Yes, you can sell these tickets on our site. You will only need to change the data on the ticket to the buyer’s data after the sale. Changes are made by the ticket distributor – you need to contact them in this case and if the change is paid, the seller bears the cost.

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