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Before contacting us, read the answers to most frequently asked questions!

Buying tickets

Buying tickets on AleBilet is very simple. It consists of the following steps:

  1. You search for the event you are interested in.
  2. You select the best ticket offer for you and click "Buy".
  3. You get your tickets on time and go to the event.

Available delivery form depend on the type of tickets:

  • paper tickets: priority registered letter, UPS courier, InPost parcel locker, meet up delivery before the event,
  • electronic tickets: sending by e-mail, instant download,
  • mobile tickets: ticket transfer via the app.

Mobile tickets are tickets in the form of QR codes that will be transfered via the app to your email. It is not possible to print them - you show your tickets from your phone when entering the event.

All transactions on AleBilet are fully secure. AleBilet guarantees the authenticity of the tickets and their timely delivery. We apply a number of security procedures. Sellers are verified by us and we pay them the funds for the tickets after the event. This makes it unprofitable for fraudsters to list tickets our site - they wouldn't get paid for them. In addition, should something worrying happen, simply contact us by phone and we will do our best to organise replacement tickets even under the event arena itself before the event!

We monitor whether the seller sends the tickets by the required deadline. If the seller fails to deliver tickets, we will do our best to provide replacement tickets. Only in very exceptional situations, if this proves impossible, we will refund the full amount paid.

No, you can be a non-logged-in user, you just need to enter all necessary data for the shipping of tickets.

BLIK, card and online transfer. It is not possible to pay in cash (cash on delivery) or by traditional transfer.

When listing an offer sellers are obliged to indicate the sector but entering the ticket row is optional. For resale security reasons seat numbers will be visible on sent tickets. When purchasing tickets from one offer you are guaranteed to receive adjacent seats.

The price for tickets is determined by the seller. We charge the service fee of 15% which allows us to secure the transaction and cover platform maintenance costs, as well as the delivery fee in case of paper tickets.

AleBilet is a ticket resale service. We offer second-hand tickets, i.e. from people who bought them from the official distributor but do not want or cannot go to the event. These people list tickets on our website and set the price at which they want to sell them, hence possible differences in prices of tickets in the same category.

Meet up delivery is only allowed for sellers who are known by us, additionally verified and fully reliable. When buying tickets with meet up delivery, you will receive instructions from us via email with the phone number of the seller. You will need to contact this person to arrange the pickup of tickets on the day of the event at a specific location in front of the event arena. We guarantee that this is a safe form of delivery.

Yes, if the event is a personalized event the seller is obliged to change the data to those indicated by you at the time of purchase. For other events, the data on the tickets relate only to the person booking the ticket, not entering the event, and will not be checked.

It is a hidden offer created especially for you by the seller. It will not be visible to other site users. All you need to do is provide your email address to the seller - you will then receive a link to purchase the tickets by email from us.

You will find the expected delivery date in your order confirmation and on the order details page in the user panel section My Tickets. Tickets purchased on AleBilet will usually be delivered until one week before the event. Often delivery will be much earlier but in many cases promoters generate and send tickets with a delay, e.g. one day before the event. We always guarantee that you will receive your tickets on time before the event.

For delivery by courier, registered mail and parcel locker you will receive an e-mail from us with the tracking number and expected delivery date. You can change your delivery address until the parcel is dispatched by contacting us at

If you choose an offer marked Fast dispatch the shipment will be sent within 2 working days.

For offers marked Instant Download the PDF tickets will be available for download as soon as payment is confirmed.

Yes, but only for the service fee charged by us, which is 15%. Tickets are resold by other users of the platform, individuals who are not able to issue invoices.

In addition, we can also issue our official order confirmation in PDF for the total amount but this will not be an accounting document.

In order to receive an invoice/confirmation, please send us an email with your order number and details for issuing the above documents.

No, it is not possible to cancel the transaction. The tickets are sold by a private individual. This means that consumer legislation does not apply, e.g. the right of return does not apply. If you have not personalized tickets want to resign from attendance at the event, you can re-sell your tickets on our website

Yes, in such a situation you will receive an e-mail from us with detailed information on how to apply for a refund. Buyers are entitled to a refund of the cost of the tickets and the cost of delivery if delivery service hasn't been provided yet. In case of paper tickets, you may need to return the tickets to the seller in order to receive a refund.

Selling tickets

Selling tickets on AleBilet consists of the following steps:

  1. Log in to AleBilet, if you do not have an account on our site - create one.
  2. List the tickets on Fill out the sales form where you describe your tickets, indicate their price and verify your phone number.
  3. When your tickets are sold, you will receive an SMS and email notification with instructions to send them to the buyer.
  4. After the event you will receive payment for the sold tickets.

You will receive the money from us within 5 days after the event. The buyer makes the payment at the time of purchase so there is no fear of them withdrawing from the transaction. The procedure we use on AleBilet is designed to ensure the security of both sides of the transaction - we guarantee buyers receive valid tickets to enter the event, and you receive a transfer for them. You are informed about the security measures we use while listing an offer.

Yes - when listing an offer please choose the option "I will provide my account details later" and contact us by email providing the following data: IBAN, SWIFT code, name and address of the bank and name, surname, address of the bank account holder. We will make payment to the specified account after the event.

You set the price of the tickets yourself. It should be attractive to the buyers - the lower the price, the quicker you will be able to sell the tickets. You can add all costs related to the ticket to the selling price - commission from the buying service, change of data, etc. The final price for the buyer will be enlarged by shipping costs and a service fee of 15% of the sale price. For sold tickets you will receive a transfer of the full declared selling price, AleBilet does not charge commission on sales.

The dispatch of the tickets as instructed in the sale confirmation email and in your AleBilet account in the section Sell -> Orders. If you didn't indicate your account number when listing an offer - fill it in in your AleBilet user panel.

No. If the shipment is carried out via courier/parcel locker, all charges are handled by AleBilet. If you send the tickets by priority registered letter and enter its number, we will refund you the cost of PLN 9 along with payment for the tickets sold.

No, listing the tickets on AleBilet is free. We do not charge a commission on sales - you receive the full amount declared in the offer from us for the tickets sold. In addition, you can withdraw your offer free of charge until the tickets are sold.

You must then necessarily withdraw the offer from sale. To do this, log in to your AleBilet account, go to Sell -> My offers, select the offer you want to withdraw and press the "Withdraw your offer" button. The offer will be removed from AleBilet platform. Remember that an offer can only be withdrawn until it has been sold. If you do not see your offer in My offers section, this means that the tickets have been sold and you can no longer withdraw from the sale.

No, it is not possible to cancel the transaction as the buyer has already paid for the tickets. If you do not send the sold tickets, you will be charged a penalty under AleBilet's terms and conditions for the cost of providing replacement tickets for the buyer. Should you have problems with shipping – email us.

In such a situation the buyer has the right to return the tickets. If this is required by the organizer, the tickets will be sent back to you in time allowing you to return the tickets at the point of purchase.

Fill out the suggest event form or email us at with the event request (name, venue, date) and we will add it on AleBilet as soon as possible.

Already have a buyer? Change the visibility of the offer and share a direct link to it with whom you choose. When listing the tickets, you have an option to add an offer intended only for a selected person. A hidden offer will not be visible on the public event page, so it will not be seen by anyone who does not have a direct link to it. We'll send a direct link to your offer to the buyer's e-mail address.

Yes, if it is possible to change the data. When listing tickets for a personalized event, please choose the option "I will change the data on the tickets" (unless you are in possession of not personalized tickets for the event, then you need to choose "My tickets are not personalized"). In your sales confirmation email you will receive buyer’s data from us to which you need to personalise the tickets. You change the data at the ticket distributor. Once you have received the tickets with the new data, send them to the buyer as instructed in the sales confirmation.

Please note: personalized tickets are tickets for personalized events, i.e. where there is a control that the data on the tickets match the identity card. These tickets should not be confused with tickets on which your data appear as the booking person. You can find out whether an event is personalized on the website of the event promoter.

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