Łódź - tickets

Lodz, located in central Poland, is a mysterious city - most Poles from more distant parts do not see it as interesting, probably because they do not know much about it. Meanwhile, Lodz has much more to offer than it might seem. Many future actors and directors walk between the industrial streets, and the Atlas Arena, which is one of the most popular sports and entertainment halls in Poland, attracts artists and performers from around the world!

Last year in Lodz we could see performances by various, often extreme, performers. October was a month belonging to Ennio Morricone - a living legend of film music, which visited the Polish public for another year in a row. In November, however, we were able to witness a real show. An iconic Queen band with guest appearance of Adam Lambert arrived in Atlas Arena. Depeche Mode also appeared in Lodz - the concert took place on February 9, and ticket prices reached up to PLN 759!

What musical events are we sure in 2018? The recently reactivated The Kelly Family will definitely join the Atlas Arena. On April 7, we will again be able to hear heart-loving songs full of love. Less than two weeks later, on April 18 th, we will hear Thirty Seconds To Mars - an American rock band with a thrilling crowd and vocalist - Jared Leto. During the holidays we will be able to go to a concert of a more hard rock band - Scorpions, which will perform on July 29 in Atlas Arena.