COS Torwar, Warsaw - tickets

Torwar Hall, owned by the Central Sports Center, is located at ?azienkowska St. in Warsaw and is known to almost all residents of the capital. It has been in operation since the 1950s - at that time the building functioned as an indoor ice rink. This is evidenced by the name of the object, which briefly combines the words "ice skating track" and "Warsaw". The whole project was designed by architects Julian Brzuchowski and Danuta Breda. Perhaps some remember the mosaic of Hanna ?u?awska - "Skaters" - placed on the facade. It was removed during a thorough renovation in the 90s.

Initially, Torwar fulfilled its original purpose - mainly competitions and ice sports shows, as well as recreational rallies. It is enough to mention the league matches of the now-defunct Znicza Pruszk�w. There were about 7.2 thousand people in the stands. After modernization, however, instead of the grandstand there appeared almost 5,000 seats and innovations were introduced, allowing to organize events other than those related to the ice rink.

Today, matches are also played at the Torwar basketball, volleyball and handball games, competitions equestrian and martial arts tournaments. In addition to sports, you can take part in various exhibition events, banquets, festivals and concerts. Gary Moore, Simply Red, Slipknot and Lenny Kravitz - stars of all kinds of music performed on stage. Although in terms of technical and spatial conditions Torwar gives way to such giants as the Tauron Arena from Krakow or Atlas Arena in ?�d?, it has a rich history and a great location - the center of the capital city.